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I enjoyed working with "autopoietic systems" professor Christoph Lischka for several years.

University of the Arts Bremen

Among the people who took part in Christoph's exceptionally ambitious projects, there were a number of very smart and very interesting characters it was fun working with. The classes I co-taught went by names such as "Sensor/Actor Systems", "Physical Computing", "Artificial Life: Complex Dynamics", "Hard & Soft: Live Coding", or "Evolutionary Computation: Breeding Complex Behaviors". I gave introductions to electronic circuits and microcontrollers, sensor networks, artificial life simulation, live coding, and parallel programming with Erlang... among other things that perhaps took more time but have less fancy names, of course.

(Check out the techno chimp who visited from Aix-en-Provence.)

In assistance to
Prof. Christoph Lischka