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I designed and implemented an interactive installation for Frieder Nake's “Delights of Precision” shows.

Kunsthalle Bremen,
ZKM Karlsruhe

40 years after computer arts pioneer Frieder Nake created his early graphics on Zuse-made plotters, Kunsthalle Bremen and ZKM Karlsruhe decided to put his works on display again in an archeological approach to computer arts. These exhibitions went by the name of “Die praezisen Vergnuegen” (or “Delights of Precision”) and were supported by interactive installations created by then-current assistants and students. I took Frieder Nake’s original work “Rectangular Hatchings” on and used camera frame evaluation to facilitate contact-free interactivity (C/OpenGL/Java/Quicktime + Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000).

with C. Brachmann, S. Grabowski, P. Kehl, M. Krauß, F. Nake, H. Poppe, R. Walter